About Fenex

Fenex is the representative for freight forwarders and logistic services providers.

The role of freight forwarders as organiser of logistic services for third parties, is subject to change. This because of developments, such as ongoing automation, a changing world stage, sustainability and changes in the labour market. The freight forwarder responds on these developments in order to provide better services to its clients.

Fenex creates a climate in which members and their employees can perform their activities competent, efficient and under the most favourable circumstances. Fenex does this by:

  • Lobby: the Netherlands, EU and worldwide in collaboration with our worldwide partners FIATA and CLECAT,
  • Network: meeting point for members,
  • Sharing knowledge by providing up-to-date and relevant information, education, seminars, webinars and workshops,
  • Sector development: focus on innovation, sustainability and education.

Companies which are a member of Fenex, have a lead in the sector.